Some Tips on Saving Money If You Decide to Replace Your Car Engine

So your mechanic says you need a new engine. You think, “what does he mean a new engine? Why wouldn’t I just buy a new car?”

The answer is, because it is more economical to replace the engine than the entire car. A new engine means just a part of what is under the hood. It does not include the transmission, the steering components, the brake mechanisms, the exhaust setup, etc. These are all different systems that run in addition to the engine itself. Replacing just the engine is much less expensive than a new or used car altogether.

Next, you should be thinking about where this new engine should come from. Buying a new engine from a dealer or manufacturer is not really recommended by anyone but the dealers and manufacturers. The reality is that the other parts on the vehicle already have as many miles as the original engine. A new engine with no miles will likely far outlast the rest of the vehicle, and is therefore an unnecessary expense. Its similar to buying a new house instead of repairing the bathroom plumbing that is leaking. Search instead for a used engine. This will cost far less than a new one, and will run just as well.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is the mileage on the engine you purchase. A used engine will be just that – used for a certain number of miles before being removed from the original vehicle. Sometimes they come from cars that were damaged beyond reasonable repair in an accident. Others come from older vehicles that had new engines installed, and therefore will have pretty low miles. A CARFAX should be obtained before purchasing any new engine. This ensures the accuracy of the mileage, as well as a more reasonable view of the expected life of said engine. used engines near me

When it comes to the cost of labor, though, there are not many ways to catch a break. Consumers must adhere to the rules of the Gods of the Garages, and have little room to sway from the rates quoted for the work it will require to fix the vehicle. The only help possible is to compare the hourly labor rates for a few different garages, and try to get the vehicle repaired at the best price. If you don’t have time to wait and shop around, you may pretty much have to take whatever it is they hand you in terms of price. Don’t hesitate to barter some though, and be sure they are not billing for time they do not actually use on your vehicle. Ask to have each line on the bill explained, and get a reasonable description of how the work took that long. If you at least ask, sometimes they can find small pockets of time that can be taken off your bill once they take a closer look. As long as you speak respectfully and without emotion, you are likely to be treated in a similar fashion, and the garage will want to help you out with the process. If you ask in an accusing manner, you will get a short explanation, and no closer look. Manners pay off in the bartering world of car repair.


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